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Caravan attempts to bridge the gap between the rich reservoir of Indian craftsmanship and the evolving needs of contemporary living in fine handcrafted products. Read More

Introducing Caravan Evolved Craft: Caravan is a contemporary craft brand that designs and co-manufactures products across a wide range of crafts from different regions. Ancient crafts are not just restored, but revisited with a modernist fashion lens. Caravan preserves the magic in ancient craftsmanship and refines it with a minimalist, sophisticated sensibility to infuse a luxury of simplicity.

Why we love Caravan Evolved Craft: Caravan is committed to restoring respect for and livelihood of artisans through its work. The brand’s gorgeous collections of jewellery are both timeless and timely, featuring sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones. Showcasing ancient and beloved crafts, ranging from intricate Filigree work to fine Meenakari, each line has a story with inspirations as diverse as the cascades of a river and Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility.

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