Investing in Silver Jewelry

Investing in Silver Jewelry

Buying silver jewelry might turn out to be a good investment in the long run in addition to their utility as products. But as with every investment, one needs to follow certain thumb rules in order to see some success in this form of investing. 

Do your research
Before investing in silver Jewelry, do some research to understand the current market and the different types of silver available. You don't want to buy when the price of silver hits a new high in the market. But at the same time, you don't want to wait around till the price hits an arbitrary low. One simply thumb rule is to make sure that the price of silver is at least 30% lower than highest recorded rate for a year, also described as 52-week high. Make sure that the seller is selling at the current market price and not higher.

Look for the hallmarks
When shopping for silver jewelry, look for the symbol that indicates the purity of the silver. In India, jewelry is usually marked with "925" or "sterling silver", indicating that it is made of 92.5% pure silver. At Parisera, all our silver jewelry is made with 92.5% silver.

Consider design and craftsmanship
Design and craftsmanship should be considered while purchasing silver jewelry. Look for well-crafted, intricately designed and detail-oriented products. Remember that these are value additions to the product.

Buy from a trusted seller
Always buy silver jewelry from trusted and reputed sellers who are known for their service and quality. This ensures that your product is genuine.

Keep your silver safe
Store your silver jewelry in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture to protect your investment. This will prevent staining and damage over a long period of time. If you maintain it well enough, you will be able to gain from the long-term appreciation of silver.

In addition to their value as ornaments, silver jewelry might have good investment potential over a long period of time. Here's a curated collection of Silver jewelry from the house of Parisera.


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