Bejeweled Drapes

Precious jewels are profound artistic expressions of the riches of nature. Their concentrated brilliance and quintessences of light that emerge from the depths of mineral world to create stars that rival those in the firmament. Inspired by the brilliant rich colors of jewel tones that inspire and infuse emotions of classy sophistication and sumptuous luxuriousness, Parisera brings to you saris in hues of these precious jewels. Read More

In the streaks of ruby, brilliant reds of the evening clouds are reflected. The sapphire, varying from dark to pale blue, is an ode to the sky above and sea below. The aquamarine, which has the colour of the Persian blue, has the glassy tint of the waves of the sea. The emerald condenses the green of the endless meadows. The topaz is a miniature reproduction of the rich gold which illumines the setting sun. The opal resembles a fraction of the rainbow softened by a milky cloud. The violet of the amethyst represents the deep purple shade of the heavens and the hyacinth. As though, urged by the secret instinct of nature to be beautiful, to compose prismatic forms of astonishing regularity, and often perfect symmetry, jewels are born.

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