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Aikyatha delves into the romantic tales of the Kanjivaram, infusing us with new and innovative permutation and combinations of the enticing weave. Read More

Introducing Aikyatha: With years of understanding and learning various handlooms of the nation, and under the guidance of their father and uncle, who have a flourishing business in manufacturing handloom saris for over 60 years, the siblings Yeshwanth and Kaushik have founded their own label, Aikyatha. The brand is the creative culmination of rooted ethics and dedication in the upliftment of the weaver’s community.

Aikyatha is the organic extension of the family’s association with the weavers who are the soul of the nation’s cultural and social fabric. The duo’s bond with the Kanjivarams and have initiated them to begin the journey to understand this beautiful weave, find the nuances that enthrall her admirers and to revel in its splendor. The siblings have found the niche space where they cater to the discerning clientele by designing innovative Kanjivarams that has the essence intact in every thread. 

Why we love Aikyatha: The Kanjivarams are an immemorial craft of the land and has always galloped towards the future in a promising way. The brand designs and conceptualizes by suffusing new ideas into a golden old tale of the sari’s threads by providing a fresh collection. We love and adore bright and innovative work of art where the weaves stay fresh without losing out on its original self.

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