Zola is a label working with rural and folk artisans to give traditional crafts a contemporary expression through statement jewellery. Read More

Introducing Zola: A brand that embodies founder Gina Joseph’s passion for the arts in the creative interpretation of traditional handcrafted jewellery. Zola enables rural artisans to express themselves through wearable art, conducting design interventions and workshops to ensure their economic empowerment and sustainability. Zola has worked with Dhokra jewellery from West Bengal and Orissa, Toda embroidery from Tamil Nadu and leather puppetry from Andhra Pradesh, among several other regional crafts.

Why we love Zola: With each piece of handcrafted jewellery from Zola, you wear thousands of years of history, folklore and stories from artisans across rural India. The Dhokra collection uses the lost wax casting technique, one of the oldest methods of metal casting, to create gorgeous pieces with an antique appeal. Zola’s work with artisan communities helps revive ancient crafts and infuse them with a fresh aesthetic.

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