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Every detail in the handwoven sari is the representation of the land it originates from and the weaver who reinterprets an age-old tradition, thus we fall in love with the sari every time it is draped. Read More

Introducing The Far East Art Studio:Founded my mother-daughter duo Madhumitha and Rajeswari in the year 2015, the brand is the brainchild of the duo’s lifelong admiration of the handloom weaves and the desire to revive the lost art from its glorious past. They collaborate with the artisans from the Indian subcontinent like the fine collections of Jamdani, Ikat, Ajrakh and tribal weaves like Bhujodi and Odisha Kotpad and Kalamkari, etc. The resulting jugalbandhi of their designs and the skill of the craftsmen is the brand’s success in unifying the diverse culture.

The brand helps in setting up an exhibition of their best artisan’s work in the UK so as to motivate the handloom weavers community , they are working towards the idea of setting up more such exhibitions so that the hallmark techniques of the rooted crafts are infused with the contemporary sensibilities, thus reaching out to more discerning clientele.

Why we love The Far East Art Studio: The finest of the fabric woven with the ancient craft of Jamdani is an all time favorite among the admirers of the Bengal weaves. The Dhakai Jamdani with its unusual motifs inspired from the Mughal dynasty invokes an eternal connection with the art form.

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