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Kanjivarams inspired by the city soaked in culture and untouched innocence, Thamboori specializes in the vintage design palette that perfectly syncs with the modern woman who seeks the beauty of a luminous era. Read More

Introducing Thamboori: Carnatic Musician turned Entrepreneur, Uthra Arvind was always fascinated by the Queen of Silks, the Kanjivaram. She founded this initiative to bring back the vintage drapes through her revived collection of saris. Uthra works closely with the cluster weavers at Kanchipuram, so as to re-introduce the long-forgotten motifs, traditional colours and design palette into the production. There is a perfect balance in the design sensibilities, wherein the golden threads lay the secrets of an old wisdom, meticulously guarded by few weavers, she taps this particular strengths to showcase the brilliance of this traditional and ancient weaving method.

Why we love Thamboori: We have always loved the charming Kanjivarams that are neatly packed in our grandma’s wardrobe. The striking colour palette, the traditional motifs like the ‘annam’ or ‘mayil’ or a simple string of ‘rudraksham’ along the borders. This collection tugs at our heartstrings.

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