Starry Starry Night

Undoubtedly, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is one of the most recognized painting in the world; so much so, sometimes the fame of the painting surpasses that of the creator. An iconic image of modern culture and a touchstone for all subsequent Expressionist paintings, Starry Night hardly has any parallels. In modern times, our collective ‘musee imaginaire’ seems to have found expression in the swirling tumultuous sky, scintillating stars, sleepy village, flame-like cypress and symbolic steeple of the church. Unlike most of his works, Starry Night was painted from his imagination, memories, and emotions, and not out in the landscape. As Van Gogh himself admits, the nights are “much more alive and richly colored than the day,” and his nocturnal paintings capture the paradoxical task of representing night by light. Eleven fiery yellow stars like huge fireballs illuminate and dominate the painting, while simultaneously contrast with the cool blue, fluid night. The sky in the Starry Night is truly an image of divinity and immensity of the cosmos. Inspired by the expressive and expansive blue night sky, that continues to dazzle us, Parisera pays ode to the iconic Starry Night with saris in shades of blue.

Come, look at the sky . . .

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