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Three women from Shantiniketan formed an informal group called SHE Kantha, Self Help Enterprise, which is now flourishing with more than 800 women. It is a collaboration of meticulous women working as one single unit to sustain the craft of Kantha, spearheaded by Shamlu Dudeja. Read More

Introducing SHE Kantha: Art in India reflects purity and simplicity. Kantha is a craft that originated from humble roots in Bengal and has become a worldly affair. It was basically known as poor man’s shield against winds of winter, the initiative to drive it towards an art form that created a luxury buzz in the fashion world was made by mathematician turned entrepreneur Shamlu Dudeja, fondly called as the queen of Kantha. Shamlu Dudeja is the revivalist of Kantha movement. Founded in 1990, SHE Kantha stands for celebrating simplicity in grand canvases. Women from the rural interiors of Bengal have been given this platform to make a livelihood by stitching stories on luxury drapes like Tussar, Crepe, Georgette and Silks.

Why we love SHE Kantha: The brand SHE Kantha focuses on a collective movement in enriching and empowering women from Bengal by equipping their lives via the craft of Kantha which has been recognized as a fashion statement with a social cause. Also, the brand is conscious in creating opportunities for the women to become leaders of their craft and reach out to their own space, which promises an organic and sustainable growth.

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