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To create success stories in families by providing them with a new lease of life is the power mantra behind the label, Punarnawa. In reviving the age-old techniques and in parallel work with the upliftment of the communities has kept the brand moving towards a future in a sustainable fashion. Read More

Introducing Punarnawa: A collective that began with training 60 women from a remote village in Odisha in developing crafts is now thriving with more than 100 women and families who are currently under the umbrella of Punarnawa. Empowering the women to ultimately enrich the entire community is the motto that drives the brand that was founded by the mother-daughter duo, Saroj and Subrata in the year 2011. They work closely with the weaving clusters of Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and communities of Assam and Odisha specializing in Bagh prints, Silk, Linen, embroidery and tribal textiles.

Why we love Punarnawa: We share the ideal of growing organically by keeping the crafts alive with their respective communities thriving with opportunities. The label actively works with the artisans from marginalized communities and the coastal belt of the nation which is often hit by natural disasters by providing work throughout the year thus, helping them build a sustainable livelihood.

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