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Founded by Ashdeen Z. Lilaowala in October 2012, the eponymous label Ashdeen delves into the secrets that the intricate embroidery holds within, the centuries old craft is what the label boasts of, a magnificent piece of art painted using the needle.

Ashdeen is synonymous with Gara as he had spent years researching the craft, travelling the routes between India, Iran and China where the art flourished. A student of Textile Design from the National Institute of Design, he worked for the UNESCO Parzor Foundation and thereby continued researching Parsi embroidery for the Union Ministry of Textiles.

Saris from Ashdeen have the quintessential motifs of roses, peonies and chrysanthemums along the borders. Also, Chinese life is depicted in these stitches of continuity. The embroidery doesn’t hold the motif in still form like that of a great Chikankari or Kutch, the cranes in a Gara sari are captured as they take flight in the pleats or the butterfly is in motion along the borders, for Gara embroidery suggests movement. As one can imagine the craftsmen bent on the fabric for months to create an art that you will cherish forever.  A trained eye can notice the excellence of the art on the exquisite fabrics as the Parsi Gara reflects the confluence of four great cultures: Parsi, Indian, Chinese and European.