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Founded by Karishma Shahani Khan and Wasim Khan, Ka-Sha is a widely acclaimed label with the two Khans being highly laurelled for their innovation and tasteful designs.

Having a knack for the unconventional, Ka-Sha constantly experiment and innovates with combining antipodes resulting in bespoke heirloom designs of timeless quality. Their designs are inspired by diverse cultures and people which coalesce seamlessly to produce articles of brilliance, while simultaneously restricting the environmental damages to a null. Working with weavers of Chanderi, Jaamdaani, Khadi, Malkha and South Cotton, Ka-Sha attempts to vertically integrate spinning, weaving and dyeing in harmony and contrast to create space for unconventionality and idiosyncrasy.

Ka-Sha's brilliance goes beyond the conventional realms of design and materials. Karishma and Wasim's ecological conciousness drive them towards creating masterpieces out of recycled production waste. Their examples combine modern functionality with traditional finesse while justly understanding the socio-cultural profiles of contemporary India.