Parisera Popup

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Indulge in concept based sarees from Tvam designed by Chennai based artist and designer ,Lakshmi Srinath, The artist expresses her perceptions and interpretations of the deep-rooted traditions and belief systems reflecting the rich heritage of South India, which abound with both elemental and conventionally orthodox rituals and ceremonies. The turmeric, kumkum and vibhuthi, the yellow and white threads, transcend beyond the mundane and the worldly to the spiritual realm. Lakshmi’s use of traditional design and colour reflect her instinct for timeless ethnicity, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can only be described as ‘wearable art’. She has participated in several shows both in India and abroad, In 2002, she was a recipient of the prestigious Prix de La Contemporaire award at the Salon de Printemps, Societe Lyonnaise des beaux Arts, France.