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Manifest Design creates contemporary sculptural jewellery that revitalises the ancient metalsmithing traditions of India in exquisite, one of a kind handmade pieces. Read More

Introducing Manifest Design: Manifest Design, the dream project of siblings Manreet and Samraat Deol established in 2013, is committed to authentic, meaningful design guided by the mantra of creating ‘Everyday Wearable Art’. Manifest Design’s gorgeous handmade ornaments have varied and eccentric inspirations – from gnarled corals to sensuous vines and bold rock sculptures – converging in a unique visual language that is at once familiar and unexpected.

Why we love Manifest Design: Each piece of jewellery from Manifest Design is created using the ancient metallurgy technique of sand casting. Craftsmen create a new sand mold for each piece, hand pour hot metal into these and break them open when cooled to reveal a beautifully textured ornament. The little dents and nicks that result are celebrated as signs of an entirely handcrafted product.

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