Love for the Loom

Love for the Loom works with indigenous organic cotton and khadi to create collections of saris that bring out the inherent beauty of the textiles, while preserving traditional designs.

Introducing Love For The Loom: Founded by former Greenpeace activist Sonali Bhattacharya, Love for the Loom was born out of a love for all things handcrafted and a commitment to move towards more sustainable sources of fabric and dye. Using indigenous organic cotton, known as Kala cotton, khadi and other local handloom fabrics, Love for the Loom creates collections defined by a simplicity of design that allows the textures and drapes of the fabrics to speak for themselves.

Why we love Love For The Loom: Love for the Loom has worked with weavers in Kutch and Bengal, as well as other parts of the country, preserving traditional motifs and weaving skills while infusing a modern interpretation of design. The brand experiments with palettes and yarns that lend interesting textures and effects to the fabrics. Staying true to tradition while redefining traditional handloom, Love for the Loom offers a contemporary and distinctive aesthetic.


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