Eco Loom

Eco Loom offers thoughtfully curated collections of handwoven saris that combine the beauty of traditional regional craft techniques with a refined understanding of contemporary taste

Introducing Eco Loom: Founded in 2015 by Sunanda Agarwal, an NID graduate with a passion for handloom, Eco Loom is a brand that works closely with weavers to create curated collections of saris. Showcasing the diversity and breathtaking beauty of handloom weaves from around the country, the label is committed to eliminating middlemen and nurturing traditional crafts, while infusing a fresh and contemporary aesthetic into Indian textiles.

Why we love Eco Loom: Eco Loom’s nuanced understanding of fabric, colour and drape is reflected in saris that embody the perfect balance of craft technique and modern aesthetic. Embracing the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi – appreciating the beauty in natural imperfections – Eco Loom celebrates the subtle textures and details created by the slight imperfections in handmade fabrics.


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