Monsoon Drapes

Here at Madras, the air is filled with the aroma of a freshly brewed filter coffee. Monsoon is just around the corner, and we are packing all our crispy Cotton saris into our almirahs. At Parisera, our stylists and the curation team love Monsoon. It’s the only time of the year when you can bring out the Tussar, Matka, Raw Silk, festive Linens and more amazing Indian drapes. This week our team is lining up the best of our land and are giving you the right reasons to dress up.



All-Season Linen

Linen is the wonder fabric that was ever created. It is the first plant that was cultivated by the mankind for the purpose of clothing. In India, this sari can be draped in all seasons. During summer you can perfectly wrap it, as it absorbs the moisture and keeps you cool. For the rainy season, it will be the best sari to dazzle at an evening party or for wedding receptions. If paired right with a chic blouse, there is nothing more elegant than a Linen sari.

Moonlit Chanderi

Chanderi is light and emanates a subtle glow. A very special weave that was once patronized by the royalty of Madhya Pradesh, it surely enhances your beauty. The Chanderi has strings of Silk and Zari woven along with Cotton. The motifs float on the sari’s surface, and when caught in the light, make you sparkle like a million stars. This sari can be paired with a contrasting blouse or a simple Zardozi embroidered blouse to add many layers of charm to your look.


Maheshwari Silk Cotton



Opulent Silk Cotton

The warp and weft romance of a Silk Cotton sari is unmatchable. We love the sheen of the Silk threads and the comfort of the Cotton. You can step out of your home in these elegant saris and make a huge style statement too. We love the Kora, Maheshwaris and many more distinct weaves that are simple and yet luxurious on the whole. These drapes when paired with a perfectly tailored blouse and simple jewellery can uplift your spirits during a gloomy rainy day.


Monsoon can scare your Silks away! We ask you with lots of love to replace your heavy Kanjivarams (with a heavy heart) with a unique Matka Silk. The fabric is woven using Mulberry Silk without removing the gum part. So, the fabric will have irregularities that are like small slubs along the sari. When handcrafted, aren’t the irregularities adding beauty to the fabric? You will definitely fall in love with this rustic sari. It is perfect for Monsoon as it will shield you from the cool winds, and the rough rains. Add oodles of elegance by pairing a Matka sari with an amazing blouse and trinkets of contemporary jewellery.


Raw Silk


Thank the rain gods, as the lustrous Tussar sari is welcomed with a happy heart only during Monsoons. This sari woven using Silk procured from the wilderness has a very special property. It keeps you cool during summers and warm during the rainy days. How wonderful is that? A perfect handloom that can be part of your wardrobe forever! The Tussar also has a natural golden sheen that makes it a perfect festive drape. You can pair your Tussar sari with a beautiful Raw Silk blouse length to create an elegant look or pair it with a Silk Ikat blouse for a contemporary look. Either way, the Tussar will add a pleasing charm to your persona.

Raw Silk

A favourite among the Indian women, the Raw Silk is a must-have for the Indian climate. The gorgeous colours of the Raw Silks will surely add wings to your heart. It’s the perfect replacement for a Kanjivaram. It has the right amount of sheen, the right fall, and the right patterns to make anyone envious of you. So, go ahead and pair it with a sleeveless Silk blouse or contrasting brocade and add a luxurious splendour to your ensemble. With this sari, you can wear simple gold jewellery that will not only make it festive but will also create a beautiful aura around you.


We hope you love all the saris featured here and we will be back with another lineup of enchanting Indian drapes!

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