Ashes of Kashi

The roaring Ganges flows through the ancient land of Kashi in an eloquent manner. Read More

The city is engulfed by the sweltering sun and the icy water, making it a union of fire and ice, dissolver of mortal sins and imbues in us the sense of surrender to the almighty. We at Parisera celebrate the Ghats of Kashi, that wind into the Ganges, the mystical aura in the air, the loud chants that summon the Lord and where the sun cleanses your soul. Benarasi is woven by harnessing the energy from the air, land and the waters of Kashi covered in ashes of the past. This collection of grey colored Benarasi saris from Shivangi is high-strung on the belief, ‘to always remember the past to move ahead in the future.

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